New Product Development

New Product Development

Tier5 Solutions LLC has developed an innovative new product for the AR platform, the MBC™ (Modified Bolt Catch).  A Drop-In Modification that will fit all Mil-Spec AR platform.  It converts the mechanical operation from semiautomatic/auto-loading/self-loading to single shot/manual loading.  Excellent for training shooters of all experience levels that are new to the AR firearm.  Follow us on several social media (Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr) for more information as we get closer to the release date of July 2017.

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  • Julio

    Hi, question for you. Will this work on a 9mm AR platform? Its not a Colt AR 9mm reciever. I have a McClure Outdoor/New Frontier 9mm AR reciever. It does not look like any of the 9mm AR you have photos of on your website. My 9mm AR is design to strictly use Glock magazines. The link attached is the same one I have. You can notice the set up on the left side where the bolt release is located is different compared to the ones you see on regular AR platforms.

    Julio Lopez

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