Also fits AR Pistols that uses standard bolt catches
Available for the AR-308
Now available for the S&W M&P 15-22

The International Firearm Specialist Academy (IFSA) made the determination that an AR15-type firearm fitted with a Tier5® MBC® changes the method of mechanical operation of a self-loading firearm, to a manually-loaded firearm.  In short, an AR15-type firearm fitted with a Tier5® MBC® is no longer a semiautomatic firearm.  The IFSA Determination Letter is available in the provided link.  IFSA Determination Letter


Excellent customer service and super quick responses to inquiries.


I am very impressed and pleased with the personalized service and persistence that the Tier5 team provided to seek a solution to my issue and not just blow it off.  I want to thank the entire Tier5 team for great customer service and the willingness to work through an issue to get a workable solution.  I will certainly recommend that my friends here in California who own AR-15s or AR-10 style rifles check out Tier5.


Thank you Tier 5 ! your customer service is Top Notch and your bolt catch was dropped in and fully functional in under 5 minutes! I highly recommend this company and there products! Merry Christmas from "Comifornia"